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If you’ve ever had a dream to leave your hometown or even your country in search of success this book is a must read. Join Dominic as he leaves his home in Tennessee and travels to Australia on a “Success Adventure”. Follow him through the streets of Sydney where he discovers powerful sales principles, team-building tactics and business strategies that propelled him on a journey to reach his ultimate goals. His story can easily be your story when you apply his framework and embrace your possibilities.

Format: Paperback

A very easy book to read . This book is suitable for any young ambitious guy/girl who is seeking to enter the sales industry and wants to become successful . A MUST read book !

I like how Dominic was reflecting alot on his early experiences and momories on how he started as a sales person .
This book has made me go back in time , when I started my career in sales industry and reminded me how much challeneges and enjoyment I had in developing as a person in both personal and professional aspect of my life .

Thanks Dominic

Melvin Mutton Chief Sales Officer & Partner

By Torben Marvin Jensen on June 5, 2014

Format: Paperback

After the first couple of pages it was hard to leave the book behind – found myself smiling and day dreaming back to the days when I started in sales – exciting!

When you have been in sales in several years you forget the little things which are so important. This book is an incredible reminder of all these things and everyone in sales and team building – novice or expert – can get loads of tips from this easy-to-read book.

Go for it – and enjoy!!

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A good book with very clear information about a difficult subject. A book that you can read several times, because the subject gives a lot to think about and it takes time to ‘digest’ all the information.

Format: Paperback

This is a must read book for everyone in the sales industry. Dominic gives some great advice for all sales people – new and experienced. He does not preach, but rather takes you on a heart warming journey of his personal and professional experiences while travelling in Australia. I’ve started applying some of what I’ve learned to my everyday routine and the results have shown! Ironically, I met Dominic on my lunch break while selling in my territory. He is a personable and encouraging person – traits which shine through this book.

Format: Paperback

Great read! I read it in essentially one sitting… simple, straight forward, fun, with powerful lessons. Recommended for anyone who is in sales, management, or owns a business.

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Dominic Kotarski is a certified master coach who’s trained and coached 1000’s of salespeople including executives and business owners from around the world. Thirty years of international business experience has allowed him to personally build multi-million dollar sales companies in Australia, England and Holland. During this time he has helped 100s of entrepreneurs in 12 different countries to build their own multi-million dollar sales enterprises. Like every entrepreneur he’s had his ups and downs over the years, which makes him the perfect coach to help others through their own business building challenges. He’s an expert in sales, team building and motivation as well as the founder of Sarcio Solutions Inc.